Are You the Master of Your Domain [Name]?

Are You the Master of Your Domain [Name]?

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A quick and easy way to improve your business presence is by mastering your domain name. The process of finding just the right domain name isn't easy. You'll likely find that most short and sweet domain names that have already been taken, so you must be open to compromise. Here are a list of tips to keep in mind when crafting just the right domain name.

1.Choose a branded domain name for marketing reasons.

Take advantage of your brand awareness. Streetside classic cars:

2.Use relevant industry keywords in your domain name to feed online search utilizes wording that mimics online search query

3.If location matters, include your state name or abbreviation. This will allow you to gain search engine traction on a local scale, rather than competing nationally.

4. Be clear. Potential visitors should know what your site is about just by looking at the URL.  Great marketers know how to choose a simple domain name that describes what the company does AND makes the company stand out from the competition. also mimics search engine query wording

5. New businesses: Leave yourself some room for business development. You may be selling records now, but CDs in the future, so don't limit your domain name too much. is a bit more flexible is more limiting

6. Avoid slick wording where possible. Catchy wording may look good, but likely will not add value to your search engine traffic. includes non-value add words in the eyes of search engines includes an adjective, but is not over-the-top

7. Try to be simple. More people will remember your site's name without leaving a word out. may be tough to remember is straight forward

8. Buy a ".com" because it is the most widely used domain extension.

Don't get too discouraged. You'll likely notice that most catchy and simple domain names are either being utilized, or are for sale (usually for a hefty premium). Keep your budget in mind. It may be easy to spend $10,000 on a domain name that someone else already thought of, and is offering for sale. Its all about careful thought and COMPROMISE. Keep the above in mind and you'll be sure to commit to the right domain name!