Couple Seeks to Prove Customer Service is King

Couple Seeks to Prove Customer Service is King

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Is customer service more important than marketing? Frank Corvino, former president and CEO of Greenwich Hospital, thinks it is.


"Word of mouth is very powerful, especially today with social media," said Corvino.


Corvino serves as president of Corvino and Corvino Consulting, a consulting business that he started with his wife, Maura. The couple serves to help businesses improve their service quality by providing them with practical and proven strategies.


CEO Maura Corvino uses her extensive experience as a guide while consulting. She began working as an emergency department trauma and medevac flight nurse, later serving as vice president of emergency services at multiple hospitals.


In her years of hard work, Maura has helped her teams win distinguished awards, such as the J.D. Powers Award for Distinguished Emergency Department, Joseph Zaccagnino quality award, and Dale Carnegie's "Highest Award for Achievement."


Since Corvino and Corvino Consulting's inception in fall 2014, the company has assisted multiple businesses improve their customer service and increase their bottom line. In addition to working on individual consulting projects, the Corvinos are hosting their first conference this April.


The Corvino conference will be held on Wednesday, April 29 from 7:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the J House in Greenwich, Conn. and will include focused workshops and collaborative discussions that give local businesses live, on the spot coaching.


"What sets our conference apart from others is that it's interactive. You won't be sitting the entire day listening to people speak. You're free, and even encouraged, to ask questions, provide examples, and ask for advice," said Maura.


The conference includes multiple sessions and workshops, each facilitated by a different leader. Susan Keane Baker and Kathleen Lynch Cartine will join the Corvinos.


Frank will begin by discussing his carefully crafted customer service approach that he executed during his time at Greenwich Hospital. Similarly, Maura will be leading a session called "Anarchy to Accountability."


The third speaker is author Keane Baker, who will be leading a session called "Great Leaders Help Others Act On Their Best Intentions." Later, she will be leading a workshop to help attendees create a specific "plan of attack" to implement. Each attendee will also receive a copy of her book, "Split Second Kindness."


Director of Organizational Development and Learning at Westchester Medical Center Kathleen Lynch Cartine is the conference's final speaker.


With experience as a communication consultant and client service director, Lynch Cartine has the tools and knowledge to help businesses exceed their customer service potential. In her time at Greenwich Hospital, Lynch Cartine received the Marian Nowak Award for embodying the values of kindness, friendship, loyalty, and excellence.


Those who are interested may learn more and register online at