When are the Best Times to Post Social Media?

Have a lot of great ideas to share? Perfect. When should your business be posting on social media sites? Well, it depends what social network you're using. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn each have "peak times" where your content will be viewed by the most amount of people. Use our short guide to help optimize your postings.

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Pose: The Social Media for Fashion

Pose is a must-have for all fashion gurus looking to buy, sell, inspire, and be inspired. The site incorporates the best features of Instagram and Pinterest. The site describes itself as a way to celebrate and shop unique style. With a website and mobile apps for both iOS and Android, users can take Pose with them while shopping.

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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Beat Writer's Block:

As an entrepreneur it is essential for us to convey our thoughts and vision in concise and compelling words. These words should explode with value and be exactly aligned with our vision, but it's not always that easy. Below are three tips I have found helpful as an entrepreneur dealing with writer's block.

1. Talk to Your Grandma:

Try sitting down with Nana and explain your product or service. You'll likely notice a clear separation between BENEFITS and FEATURES in tailoring your diction to your grandma.

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Be the Kanye West of Social Media Marketing

If you watched the Grammys on Sunday, you saw Kanye West approach the stage after Beck bested Beyoncé to win the Grammy for Album of the Year. At the time, it seemed as if Kanye was making a joking reference to when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards. After the show, Kanye proved that it wasn't a stunt, and he shared his opinion that Beck needs to "respect artistry" and should have given Beyoncé the award.

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5 Tips to Increase Website Sales Conversion

“Bounce rate” is the percentage of overall visitors that arrive at your website, but leave without making a single action. This means that they do not visit any other webpage, view an image, or watch a video, etc… they simply leave. Why is this happening? And what are some tactics The Web Studio practices to improve website bounce rate and increase visitor interaction?



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The Web Studio 2015 Design Trends:

Thinking about a website design for 2015?

Not only do the following trends increase website design form, but can actually make your business more money! The Web Studio has measured the effects of implementation of the following areas, and has seen a noticeable visitor bounce rate decrease, which means visitors navigate to multiple web pages, increasing the chance of ecommerce sales conversion.

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What is SEO? An Introduction.

Search Engine Optimization/ SEO is the process of improving a website’s ranking in search engine results.   


First: What is a Search Engine? A search engine is a website that provides its user with an output of specific website data based on the input of specific terminology. 

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It’s all about Keywords! Not really…

Sure, website content peppered with rich relevant keywords will help your potential audience find you, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg… optimization of your presence OUTSIDE of your own website content influences search engine rankings as well. Work not only on gaining as much social media presence as possible, but make plenty of online “friends” with industry bloggers, link share, and customer reviews. Don’t ever forget…Google strives to be as humanistic (and smart) as possible. Don’t intentionally jam as many keywords in an article or headline as possible in risk of being reduced in rankings as search engine spam!

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