Corvino & Corvino Consulting


Case Study: Establishing an Online Presence for a New Business, Event Promotion

Corvino & Corvino’s digital presence consisted of only a website when they came to us in February 2015. Their objective was to fill 50 seats at their conference in April. To do this, we developed a multi-phase digital marketing plan.

Phase 1:  Raising Awareness of Corvino & Corvino

Social Media:

The first phase was to set-up all social media accounts and begin developing followers by leveraging Frank and Maura’s existing list of contacts. Within the first phase, the goal was to begin establishing Corvino & Corvino as an industry leader in management consulting services in Fairfield County. To post content, we strategically utilized the extensive library of written works generated by Frank and Maura over the years, in addition to content generated by us.

In order to remain within budget, we tailored the social media strategy by investing heavier in social media interaction within the first 30 days in order to raise awareness. The remaining 60 days we utilized social media to continue promoting Frank and Maura’s expertise, but also to promote enrollment in the upcoming Corvino Conference.  

Email Marketing:

Phase 1 also introduced the new consulting business to Frank and Maura’s existing contacts via an email marketing campaign. The message was designed with a personal tone in order to promote interaction.

  • The message received an open-rate of more than 65% (more than twice the industry standard).
  • Click-through rates to the Conference webpage were nearly two out of ten recipients.

Phase 2: Promoting the Corvino Conference

The second phase of this project was focused on promotion of the Corvino Conference on April 29, 2015. We promoted the conference in the following ways:

  • Social Media Push
  • Targeted Mailer
  • Email campaign
  • LinkedIn

Each marketing effort was measured using Google Analytics, and report was sent back to client in order to evaluate ROI.

The result of the project was a success. The objective was to sell the conference room at capacity, which was 50. The Corvino Conference enrolled 57 attendees.